Your Father Smelt of Elderberries!


Stephen King being Stephen King





this actually happened

Don’t you love how reporters love to forget what their jobs are and like to attempt to put things in people’s mouths?

Idiots. (And a month ago half the people asking questions like this didn’t even know where Ukrsine or the Crimea were.)

*facepalm* for idiocy, *all the awards* for Obama’s reaction.  I suspect he’s practiced it a LOT when dealing with Congress…

On Video Pornograms
Faith: I really hate when people talk in porn
man, I just can't
shut up, that's not the fucking point of this!
Tiny Dinosaur: and it's like…weird gross shit
yeah baby I know you like it when I punch you with my meat toothbrush
unh unh yeahh
meat toothbrush
I think you need to brush your teeth girl
your breath's a little
Faith: omg, dude
you just scarred me for life


The 1966 Batman movie is the best one.

Needs more Bat-Shark Repellent.

This is my friend Taylor. She was horribly body shamed by the asshats of Reddit. In this video, she puts those Redditors in their place and teaches you to be respectful of others on the Internet.


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Ladies and Gentles and Readers of all designations, I have officially lost my mind. Again. In a good way. 

Only a week late, due to travel and Feline Vet Trauma, I’m delighted to announce the start of a new Kickstarter for THE WORK OF HUNTERS and AN INTERRUPTED CRY, two Sylvan Investigation novellas!

Click, read, watch, and support!

(and many thanks to all who share the link and the enthusiasm. You’re what’s going to keep me going through this insanity….)




i love that marshmallow girls post. fat girls in japan get called marshmallows. fat girls here get called land whales and hamplanets. i wanna be a marshmallow.

How about dropping the insults, the cutesy names AND the weight? Then you can call yourself a healthy girl.

how about dropping a bag of dicks all the way down your throat, one by one. a whole bag. eat an entire bag of dicks.